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Blessings in San Miguel

I had been in San Miguel de Allende no longer than three days when I came down with a bad case of travelers' diarrhea, or "Montezuma's Revenge." Not the image of vacation in Mexico anyone wants to conjure up, but it happens. A high fever and frequent trips to the toilet had me bedridden for two days straight. The good news is, potent antibiotics are readily available in Mexico at the pharmacy, without a trip to the doctor, so it was no obstacle to obtain some Cipro. After day two of taking Cipro, and hydrating, hydrating, hydrating, I am on the mend. Believe me, there's nothing like an unpleasant temporarily debilitating illness that make me count my blessings that my body works amazingly 99% of the time. And the body's ability to heal never ceases to amaze me. There's still one day left of the local gastronomic festival, "Sabores de San Miguel", I am optimistic I will be able to make it tomorrow.

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