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Sweetgrass Basket

I bought this beautiful handmade basket today at the large Tuesday market in San Miguel de Allende. This market is the size of three football fields, and reminds me of a swap meet. It had everything from socks to handbags to candy to furniture to electronics. As soon as I saw the basket I was drawn to it. I love its colors, its shape, and the fact that it is handmade. It also has a very sweet and delicious smell. It is a large basket, measuring about 15 inches or so across. It only cost 150 pesos (about 8 $US)! I am now sitting at home staring at this basket, wishing I had taken a picture of the sweet woman who sold it to me. I also want to go back and buy all that she had, including some gorgeous tortilla warmers. Alas, we are only here until Sunday. One more reason to return to San Miguel de Allende again one day.

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